Background Information

The area where the Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course is located, is at about the lowest point in the Netherlands. It is a natural gathering place when in extreme rainfall extra water storage is needed. Four million additional cubic meters of water can be collected around the course.
Athletes and especially rowers are now very enthusiastic about this region, called the Eendragtspolder, because there is now the state-of-the-art equipped Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course.

The course meets the highest requirements of the international rowing, the Olympics included. The 2 km rowing course is designed in collaboration with the FISA and constructed by the City of Rotterdam. Already, a significant program of events (including the World Championships 2016) is sceduled, a number of rowing clubs makes much use of the training facilities and even open water swimmers, canoeists, tri-athletes, runners and cyclists take advantage of the sports opportunities that the Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course offers.


Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course is a 2 kilometer track. It has eight lanes, separated by balls lines. Parallel to the track and separated by a (camera)embankment and finish island, runs a double warming-up and cooling-down track. For the jury boats there is another, separate passage. On both sides of the main track is a cycle path on which coaches can cycle along with their rowing pupils. The track is equipped with start and finish towers and every 500 meters time measuring cabins. Furthermore, there are rafts at the start with light and sound signals and rafts for incoming and outgoing boats.

The rowing course as a whole is open under the sky, surrounded only by small reed beds. The wind can admittedly take its course, but affects all lanes equally. It makes the Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course to a fair race track.

Plattegrond Willem-Alexanderbaan


The main building of the course is at the finish island. All facilities are brought together in this building: boathouse, changing rooms, sports bar and meeting rooms.

The four changing rooms contain showers and lockers. There are ergometers and rooms for medical supervision, drug testing and weighing of athletes.

The boathouse accommodates approximately two hundred boats. It is available for clubs, teams and private use. On the first floor is the sports bar across the full width glass wall with unobstructed views of the race track. A large covered terrace will lure visitors out in fine weather.

In the finish tower are some meeting rooms as well, specifically designed for business meetings. Very inspirational rooms because of the amazing view.


The Willem-Alexander Baan rowing course aims to be a safe, pleasant and sporting environment in which all sportsmen and women feel comfortable and welcome. To help make that possible, the following bylaws apply:

  1. Safety first. Do not row, cycle or swim in hazardous conditions or if you have any doubt about your own ability. Do not hesitate to request assistance.
  2. Comply with all rowing rules on the water.
  3. Participation in rowing, swimming and cycling and all other sports is at your own risk.
  4. Each individual is personally responsible and must behave in a manner conversant with common sense. (Rowing) equipment is costly. Treat your equipment and that of others with due care.
  5. Causing damage, hazard or nuisance is strictly forbidden
  6. If you make use of the kitchen, please tidy up before you leave.
  7. Dogs are only permitted at ground level.
  8. Parking in the parking spaces provided at the front of the building is open to all. Parking behind the fence is only permitted following authorisation from the site manager.
  9. Smoking is not permitted in the building, on the upstairs terrace or in the boat (storage) area (i.e. within the fencing).
  10. Children below the age of 14 years must be accompanied by an adult. All adults are required to keep a close eye on children.
  11. Non-swimmers should wear a lifejacket. Children not in possession of swimming certificate A must wear a lifejacket at all times.
  12. Opening hours: 08:00 hours to 22:30 hours during the summer period. Own keys may only be used by appointment with the site manager, and on condition you check all gates and doors are locked when you leave the site.
  13. Always follow the instructions issued by the site manager.

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